I will be tremendously satisfied if this is the only post you read!

It is that important…

I’ve spent over 5 years of my life reading personal development.  I’ve learned bits on everything under the sun.  SAVERS has been the single most powerful takeaway from all my studies.

*If you’re a skimmer.  Be sure to read everything in italics.

What follows is ALL you need to know to get started.  SAVERS is just about as actionable as it gets…







All of these rituals have been proven to help with resilience, confidence, and overall well-being.  A daily practice of just one of the rituals in SAVERS will drastically change your life…

So, why not do them all!?

Every morning, spend a minimum one minute (I suggest 5 or more minutes) on each.

I recommend waking up one to two hours earlier then usual for a productive morning.  Wake up AT LEAST 10 minutes early! 

So simple; so incredibly transformative!


Now 1)Go ahead and get started!  Or 2)Read on for further explanation.

Thank you for choosing the latter!

SAVERS in an acronym created by Hal Elrod in his book, The Miracle Morning.  In The Miracle Morning, Hal eloquently explains SAVERS and how it has transformed his life.  For now, let me just give you my skinny.



This is my quiet time.  Every morning, I sit, lie, or walk in silence.  Get out of bed for this!  The idea is to become mentally relaxed, present…. not to fall back asleep!

Silence or meditation is beneficial for mood regulation, stress reduction, and personal awareness.

During my morning silence, I focus on my breathing.  I inhale from my nose and exhale from my mouth. I inhale as long and full as comfortable….. hold my breath….and then exhale slowly though the mouth.  I feel my breathing coming from my stomach!

My favorite guided meditation podcasts are The Meditation Podcast or Tara Brach meditations, and Your Daily 10 Minute Meditation Podcast for a shorter guidance.

My favorite track during silence is Marconi Union’s Weightless.

Go ahead and give silence a shot!  Make a vow to yourself to listen to your breathing in silence for at least one minute each morning!  Cleanse the mind:).



Affirmation can be defined in many ways.  I like to call it a “statement of truth.”  Or also, “a statement made with deep confidence.”

Every morning, I “fake it until you make it.”

I make at least one affirmation every day.  This is a way to 1)start off my morning on a positive note and 2)teach my inner-self to think differently.

I use a mirror for my affirmations. When I make my morning affirmations, I like to look myself right in the eyes.

I trust myself and I believe myself.

I write down my affirmations for reference every morning.

My favorite affirmation has always been ,”Today is going to be a good day.”  So simple and so true… With the right attitude, there is no such thing as a bad day!

Life is all about making the most of each moment.  Affirmations will remind you this.

Here are some additional affirmations.

  • I listen to understand
  • I am an empathetic person
  • My mind and body are balanced
  • I am tolerant
  • I have everything I need
  • I am grateful
  • I am confident and attractive
  • I am beautiful
  • I love myself just the way I am

Right now, decide on at least one affirmation.  You can always add more as time goes on.  And every morning, look into the mirror and make the affirmation, at least twice.

 Believe yourself! Trust yourself!  This will only take seconds and it will absolutely help change your perception.



Visualization and affirmations compliment each other.  Visualization is imagining the future in great detail.  This can be done to help shape the quality of your future.

For example, a basketball player (or any athlete) may practice visualization ritually.  Every time they go to take a foul shot, they’ll imagine the ball going into the hoop. They visualize this process with as much detail as possible. The athlete would imagine exactly the entire process of  shooting the ball including the desired outcome.

I want to visualize a positive future with positive outcomes to help shape my own destiny.  I find that visualization raises my self-confidence, relaxes my stressful thoughts, and allows me to obtain deeper focus.

Every morning, I visualize my day.

First, I walk through my daily tasks.  

Second, I imagine the processes necessary to complete them successfully.

Third, I imagine excelling at the task!  I will have a big smile on my face after completion.

Every morning, spend at least five minutes to mentally walk through these three steps.  I often do this in the shower.  Remember, make your visualizations as detailed as possible!  

Lastly, always remember… be adaptable.  Not everything will go as planned.



Do I need to define exercise?  We all know, it plays a pivotal role in our bodies health.  I exercise every morning!  Exercising gets my blood flowing and really wakes me the hell up! To exercise, all I need is my body, some floor space, and the drive to become a healthier person.

This Buzzfeed article will provide you all the information you need to get started with a morning routine.

I enjoy burpees in the morning.  This exercise works every muscle group in my body.

Yoga is also highly encouraged!

I am currently using a 7 minute workout app as my morning routine.

Get your body moving!  Squeeze in a routine whenever you can!  I suggest a minimum 5 minutes of  high intensity bodyweight exercise every morning!



Oh the glory of the reading!  I hope reading this reflection is adding value to your life.

The benefits of reading are endless.  From escaping your worries and living curiously to increasing attention span, improving memory, and reducing stress.

I am a slow reader.  I am trying to read one book per month as a minimum.  This isn’t all too bad considering all the reading is done as part of my morning.

Just like all these activities, reading is perfect any time of day.  For the sake of building new rituals, I read at least one page every morning.  Although, I like to push for at least a full chapter each morning.

An inspirational quote can also be a quick and easy way to get some morning reading in!

Chose your favorite genre and get started right away! 

There isn’t a right or wrong way to read.  Read what you love! Enjoy opening up that book (or ebook), article, or passage every morning!

Set a personal goal.  How many books are you going to read this week, month, year?



Scribing is a fun term for writing.

In particular, I suggest journaling.   Journaling will help you reach your goals, discipline your mind, and kickstart your creative juices.

I keep a diary.  Every morning, I date the entry, and I write something.

Yes, I write “something.”  Something! Anything!  Even if it’s just, “Hey, late for work, today is going to be a good day!  I’ll check in later.”  I write something. Always!

I have built this ritual and will create an entry every morning.  Some entries are more thorough then others…  But I always write something.

My diary entries consist of the following:

  • A concise to-do list including the most important tasks for the day
  • A reflection on my previous day
  • An affirmation of what I learned from my day and how I will treat this new day
  • Quotes, thoughts, or random insights that i’ve stumbled upon

Another option!  Every morning, write something creative and interesting.  Don’t limit yourself. Maybe you can create a comic book, short stories, or a full novel.  SAVERis how I wrote this article.

Check out your local book or craft store and pick out the perfect journal!  Or you can find plenty of options on

Please dedicate your time to a lined journal. Write something! Ever morning!

I suggest using a journal that is 1)attractive/interesting and 2) durable.  This will encourage you to hold onto your entries and read them for insight in the future.  

Take pride in your journal!

My Miracle Morning is structured in the following order:

  1. Reading
  2. Silence
  3. Scribing
  4. Exercise
  5. Visualization
  6. Affirmations

How will you structure yours?

Try new things!  Figure out a routine that works for you.

Thank you for reading!  I hope this reflection adds value to your life!

Great love to Hal Elrod for creating SAVERS!  Grab a copy of  The Miracle Morning here.

Fun Fact: The modern day definition of a Blue Moon is when there are 2 full moons in one Month. A full moon occurs roughly every 29.5 days and on the rare occasions when the full moon falls at the very beginning of a month there is a good chance a Blue Moon will occur at the end of the monthSource