I don’t want to write this post.

I really don’t.  I just don’t feel like it today.  I guess I am in a bit of a rut.  It is not a good feeling at all.  And, this isn’t really even a good way to start a post, is it?  Probably not.  We will see if this makes the cut or maybe I’ll just scrap the whole free-write. 

Okay, so you’re wondering, what is this post even about?  So far, nothing.  That’s not very immediate or actionable is it?

This post has one basic clear message…


Think about something that’s been on your mind that you haven’t done just yet.  Preferably, something that you can physically do right now…

GO DO IT! NOW!  I don’t care if you don’t feel like it.  I don’t care if you’re tired.  I’m with you, I give excuses all the time. 

If there is something that you ought to do that can be started immediately,  Dive in!  

Even if it’s hard, even if you struggle, even if the results aren’t what you had wished for, you have to make that leap of faith.

Hopefully you will impress yourself, but regardless of outcome, you owe it to yourself to forgive, forget, and commend all effort.

This is because trying is clearly much more proactive then not doing anything at all.

Here is how I wrote this post:

Step 1) I turned off that beautiful tablet of mine (and all other technology) and made a vow to myself to use my fingers for something other then scrolling.

Step 2) I defined a clear purpose.  In this case, writing an article.

Step 3) I did the first necessary action to get to where I need to go.  This is vague but hard to define because it all depends on the task.  Let’s say you want to start running.  You can put on designated run shoes.  For me, I wanted to write this article, so I grabbed my laptop, and left the house without a clear destination.  

This is probably not the best example, because I did not have a clear destination.  However, I was determined to complete a post. Here I am, at Javas cafe… typing like a maniac.

I want to focus on the action not the results.  The action of putting on those shoes, the action of beginning that free-write, the action of diagramming that song….

Some days my “run” will be better then others. I personally don’t even worry all to much about tracking progress, (you can, and people gain profound value from this) yet, my ultimate focus is building positive rituals.

I get started even before I’ve set my goals and I let the goals come to me.  I really enjoy the process.

I am not working for the goal. I am working for the process of building great habits, getting started on tasks, and facing my fears.


Fun Fact: 
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