You are boring and your armpits are hairy!

Sorry, I just wanted to get your attention…

I’ve had plenty of moments that threaten my ego.  Moments that are insulting, frustrating, or people are just being jerks to me.  There is a place for this.

There will always be that person, moment, happening, that will complete infuriate me on a regular basis.  Maybe not “always,” yet, it’s common.  We all experience the dissonance.  Sometimes I don’t handle it well.  I’m not perfect.

The true frustration is, I can receive 5,000 compliments, and one piece of criticism will cause me to ruminate for hours, or even days… weeks!

How can I become better!?  Who would say such a thing!?  Am I really not the person I thought I was!?

Now, these aren’t awful questions to ask.  These kind of questions absolutely lead towards my growth.

However, the issue I am addressing is extremely simple.  After receiving 5,000 compliments, why is one piece of negative criticism causing so much stress?  Where did all those compliments go?  Why are they on the back burner?  Finding compliments to make me smile shouldn’t be a game of “Wheres Waldo?”  I feel like a piece of me has gone missing!


 Here is what I (AND YOU) ought to do! 

I must train myself to absorb the good as thoroughly as the bad.  Ruminate on positive comments with as much depth as the negative ones.

For example, when someone offers me a genuine compliment, I am going to take a moment to ruminate and validate these words.  This can be done with a deep breath, a smile, and a thank you.  Even more significant, at the end of the interaction, I will take a moment to close my eyes, breathe deeply, and absorb the good presented to me.

This can be done for all kinds of feedback and interaction.  I will focus deeply on the good that has been blessed upon me.  And do this, again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, (you get the point), until the end of time.

The idea is to train my body to do this naturally.  To bathe in positive comments.  To begin to train itself to notice the positive as often/or more then the negative.

Absorb all the good presented in every interaction!  The goal is to turn this practice into a unconscious action.

I genuinely want to really feel all landscapes of emotion, good, bad, or indifferent.  The entire dynamic of life.  I do not want to ignore any of them either.  I surely don’t ignore my negative emotions.  Why would I ignore my positive ones? 

Keep in mind.  Anyone who is acting out of deep passion is allowing themselves to be vulnerable to critics, negative feedback, trolls, and haters.  This is a given.  We can’t dwell on what frustrates us.  Or well, we can, but, we shouldn’t!  We ought to remember the quality interactions as much as the frustrating ones.  Any given day, we experience far more awesome interactions and positive feedback then negative.

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